What makes us different?

The Bottom Line

Looking to grow revenues or increase ROI? Both would be ideal! Leverage our deep experience and extensive knowledge to achieve your goals. We make budgets work hard!

Market the Lifestyle

Lifestyle Marketing is a strategy key. The strategy must boldly embrace the lifestyle of the consumers of your product or service. We are quick learners. Talk to us about how GunnDesign will develop a strategy that will work for you!

Develop the Brand

Whether your product or service is brand new, still emerging or firmly established, GunnDesign has the experience and resources to get your brand to the top and keep it there.

Spread the Word!

Whether online or in print, direct mail or through e-mail, GunnDesign has a strategy for your product, service, company or campaign. Put our experience to work on your next project!

Illustrate the Difference

Illustration carries a message like no other media. Convey concepts, set moods, lifelike or surreal, illustration works in a way photography and words alone don’t.

Snapshot Marketing

Stay "top of mind" with your customers! Snapshot marketing quickly lets your customers know about product launches, special promotions and other deals through vivid social media posts. One picture speaks 1,000 words!.

Our Team

Put our team to work today. Your brand will show results tomorrow.

Seth Tower

Owner & Business Development

Martha Heath

Senior VP & Creative Director

Don Ferber

VP & Senior Art Director

Mark Bellerose

VP & Senior Illustrator

A Sample of Our Work

Design that stands out. Gain a competitive advantage today for your company, its products or services.

Our Work

GunnDesign will create for your company, product, service or brand the image of a lifestyle that will reasonate with your customers.

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