Product and packaging target beer-drinking women | Packaging Digest

Chick Beer

“I’m a woman who enjoys drinking beer…”

Niche marketing that will get some attention?  With its purse inspired 6-pack carrier and cocktail dress label, from Maryland, welcome Chick Beer.  This “premium light beer” is showing up in convenience stores and specialty beer shops in its home state, and, curiously, Idaho and Indiana.  Read more…

Packaging targets beer-drinking women | Packaging Digest.

Which Mags Were Biggest Users of QR Codes in 2011?

3 QR codes

Quick Response codes aren’t ubiquitous, just yet.  And there are several QR technologies competing for relevance and market share.  Adoption and use across a broad spectrum of consumers and companies is increasing, with general consensus that this growth will continue for some time.

Which Mags Were Biggest Users of QR Codes in 2011? | Adweek.

QR Codes need not be boring and black and white.  With a little imagination a QR Code can become artwork itself, adding some interest where it appears, enhancing overall design and reflecting brand identity.

Quick Response "QR" code

Beer Can Appreciation Day – You The Designer

Historic Beer Cans

Who knew?  “January 24 marks the 77th anniversary of the day Gottfried Krueger Brewing Co. first brought canned beers into the market. Though it hasn’t been (and probably never will be) declared an official holiday, more and more people are celebrating Beer Can Appreciation Day to pay tribute to the creation that has changed the experience of buying, keeping and drinking beer, forever.”  To see great design applied to beer cans, and to read more about Beer Can Appreciation Day…

The Best Looking Beer Cans – a Beer Can Appreciation Day Special – You The Designer.

Where Your Gadgets Go to Die | Adweek

Best Buy Recycles!  Take your old and tired electronic equipment to a Best Buy near you.  They will happily take just about anything electronic off your hands.  Recently I heard about this service and, with fears of being turned away, decided to get rid of a couple of old televisions collecting dust in my garage.  The folks at Best Buy and their Geek Squad could not have been nicer or more helpful, and my electronic junk is now somewhere in the recycling stream.

Asked what individual consumers looking to offload an old computer should do, Knowles has one answer. “Take your hard drive out,” he says, “and don’t throw it away.”  Read more…

Where Your Gadgets Go to Die | Adweek.

SOPA would censor us, not websites – Mass High Tech Business News Op Ed

GunnDesign supports today’s protest and our web site proudly wears its protest ribbon.

SOPA would censor us, not websites – Mass High Tech Business News.

“One of the most Gestapo-esque aspects of both Acts is the provision that would allow any company complaining of a website using its intellectual property without permission to get an order from a judge that pulls that website’s ability to be seen by anyone on the Web. Without a trial.”

“Pussy” Energy Drink Product Review

Pussy?  Really?  OK, I had the same reaction.  Tasteless marketing or bold attempt to quickly capture market share?  You be the judge.  But beyond the initial shock value and a certain demographic, does Pussy have legs?

Pussy Energy Drink Can front“What’s inside the can is extremely well executed, with a sophisticated tasting lychee and grenadilla flavor that is clearly not a Red Bull wannabe.”  Read more…

Pussy | Product Review + Ordering :