Why Isn’t Your Company On Pinterest?

PinterestIt has been said that nothing in life is free. However, a Pinterest account is. And it’s ad free, at least for the moment.

Pinterest, the latest online “must do,” is a community of folks looking to discover new and unique images, designs and products! Members “pin” images they find to “boards,” sharing them with friends and followers. Followers; that’s anyone who might be intrigued or interested in more of what they found pinned to a board as they waded through endless images of everything imaginable. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good smorgasbord.

Businesses should be very interested in Pinterest. Why? For its potential as virtual viral marketing. Don’t be mistaken, it’s not free marketing. But other than the time put in with Pinterest, and any design or photography costs, there are (currently) no fees associated with getting your unique image/message out into the Pinterest community and a chance at viral immortality!

As a business entrepreneur getting your unique message out to customers is likely your greatest challenge. And since it seems nobody reads anything anymore, why not take your message graphically to the Pinterest community?  It is growing Fast!

Consider the following stats (click to enlarge):

Pinterest Factsinfographic created by agency Modea

Comic book trove found in closet fetches $3.5 million

Now where did I put all those comic books that I’ve been saving since I was a kid?  I recall I had issue #1 of Spyman.  Not exactly Superman or Batman, but I wonder if it now might put a kid through college?  Good luck finding your trove!

Action Comics

“When Michael Rorrer found 345 comic books neatly stacked in a basement closet as he cleaned out his great-aunt’s Virginia home after her death, he thought they were cool but didn’t think much about their value…”

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QR Code Killer?

Touchcode – Opens Content By Tapping Paper to Screen!

The tech geek in me loves this idea.  But has time already passed Touchcode by?

Touchcode tablet and card

“Dubbed Touchcode, the new technology works by embedding  a thin layer of capacitive material in printed items like business cards, tickets, magazine pages, or product packaging. When you hold the paper to a capacitive touch screen, it acts like a set of invisible fingers tapping out a complex code that’s interpreted by a Touchcode-enabled app or website…”

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Touchcode card

Brands Pinning It On Pinterest | Adweek

PinterestPinterest.  Social “scrapbooking,” just a way to save and organize all those nifty images you find surfing the web or inspirational idea board?  Pinterest could be the next “must do” online activity or could end up as the next MySpace.  Either way Pinterest is gaining pinners at an amazing rate.  It’s relatively simple interface and small feature set keep the experience on task.  As Pinterest grows marketers will discover new ways to connect with pinners.  How will you connect?

“Retailers were among the first to join the social scrapbooking site. But marketers will soon realize they’d better start pinning, too…”

Brands Pinning It On Pinterest | Adweek.

Marketing to Millennials: Mobilizing the Message – EContent Magazine

Millennial with smartphone

Another installment from an enlightening series about Digital Natives, a.k.a. Millennials, their habits and how best to market to them.

“For many people, digital natives in particular, mobile phones are considered as essential as an appendage. It is coming to light, however, that Millennials view their mobile phones as more of an entertainment device, while older cell phone users still see mobile devices primarily as a tool that blends work and personal communication…”

Marketing to Millennials: Mobilizing the Message – EContent Magazine.

Bank of America Introduces Groupon-like Cash Rewards – EContent Magazine

On what planet do Groupon-like cash rewards seem like something to enhance a customer’s online banking experience?  I want to log on, do my banking and get off.  Simple.  Efficient.  If I want a social shopping experience any bank is the last place I’d shop.  Recall that a recent banking industry attempt at marketing creativity spawned something now known as toxic assets.   Call me crazy but if any bank sees this as a way to make money maybe they should rethink their mission.  Forget about cash back, cash rewards, and Groupons, each has a cost associated with it.  Stick to traditional banking, keep overhead, rates and fees low.  Stop enticing customers with nickel and dime rewards while hitting them nickel and dime charges.

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Bank of America Introduces Groupon-like Cash Rewards – EContent Magazine.

Marketing to Millennials: Brand Recognition – EContent Magazine

Millennial with smartphoneDigital natives are the next great wave of consumers.  What motivates them to buy?  What do they want to buy?  And how do they want to buy?  These questions should be keeping non-millennial marketing managers awake at night.  But relax, you are not alone.

“Millennials are the second-largest generation in U.S. history after the Baby Boomers. They are coming into their own and companies want to determine how best to market to them and generate sales from them.”  Read more…

Marketing to Millennials: Brand Recognition – EContent Magazine.