“Pussy” Energy Drink Product Review

Pussy?  Really?  OK, I had the same reaction.  Tasteless marketing or bold attempt to quickly capture market share?  You be the judge.  But beyond the initial shock value and a certain demographic, does Pussy have legs?

Pussy Energy Drink Can front“What’s inside the can is extremely well executed, with a sophisticated tasting lychee and grenadilla flavor that is clearly not a Red Bull wannabe.”  Read more…

Pussy | BevNET.com Product Review + Ordering : BevNET.com.

A Cooler Coaster

An interactive promotional beer coaster from Samuel Adams.  Something very cool to do while waiting for your favorite beverage.

Sam Adams Video Still

Click to see the video on this Cooler Coaster

Samuel Adams Coaster – YouTube.

Boston Beer’s interactive coaster that was created for Samuel Adams Christmas 2011 promotion. This flip coaster creates a never ending loop and contains a QR Code that offers a discount to a set of glasses. The origami coaster has several advantages. It captures attention and it allows the coaster to have much more information, all in a creative package. The website is: http://www.customizedbarcoasters.com

Naturally Delicious closure adds neatness, convenience to dressings – Packaging Digest

It’s not just our label design that gets Naturally Delicious products noticed, the innovative bottle itself is getting press!

“When planning a redesign of its Naturally Delicious line of premium salad dressings, Cains Foods wanted a bottle design that imparted an upscale, functional image…”

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Closure adds neatness, convenience to dressings – 2012-01-02 13:00:00 | Packaging Digest.

No more diets?

File under the category of too good to be true?  We are just fooling ourselves, our customers and consumers.  But reinvention is the new mother of necessity.

“As weight-conscious consumers seek more positive messages on food labels, avoidance claims like “diet” are losing steam.

“We’re seeing a sea change where consumers are seeking out products more for what they contain and less for what they don’t contain,” Datamonitor director Tom Vierhile told attendees of the 2011 Weight Management virtual conference. Words like “smart” and “zero” are replacing terms like “low-fat” and “low-calorie” because they carry a more positive connotation, he added.”

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Coke is seeing red again after flirting with white cans and confusing market – 2011-12-02 14:03:11 | Packaging Digest

No good deed shall go unpunished!  For no one reads anything anymore, not even the labels of the beverages they are purchasing.  So, Coke pulls the white cans and the World Wildlife Fund loses out.  Sorry, I like the design regardless.

White Coke can

Coke is seeing red again after flirting with white cans and confusing market – 2011-12-02 14:03:11 | Packaging Digest.