Keep Calm and Carry On

The British propaganda effort during World War II created iconic and classic poster designs that were employed to keep up the spirits of its citizenry.  One of these posters was to be used in the event of an invasion of the isles.  Fortunately it never left the warehouses.  One was discovered in a second hand book shop several years ago and has since become an expression of all that is British.  As the War On Terrorism marches through its second decade, we wondered what an American version of this poster might look like.

Next up for Americanization, “Mind the gap!”

Comic book trove found in closet fetches $3.5 million

Now where did I put all those comic books that I’ve been saving since I was a kid?  I recall I had issue #1 of Spyman.  Not exactly Superman or Batman, but I wonder if it now might put a kid through college?  Good luck finding your trove!

Action Comics

“When Michael Rorrer found 345 comic books neatly stacked in a basement closet as he cleaned out his great-aunt’s Virginia home after her death, he thought they were cool but didn’t think much about their value…”

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Where Your Gadgets Go to Die | Adweek

Best Buy Recycles!  Take your old and tired electronic equipment to a Best Buy near you.  They will happily take just about anything electronic off your hands.  Recently I heard about this service and, with fears of being turned away, decided to get rid of a couple of old televisions collecting dust in my garage.  The folks at Best Buy and their Geek Squad could not have been nicer or more helpful, and my electronic junk is now somewhere in the recycling stream.

Asked what individual consumers looking to offload an old computer should do, Knowles has one answer. “Take your hard drive out,” he says, “and don’t throw it away.”  Read more…

Where Your Gadgets Go to Die | Adweek.