Why Digital Marketing Has Become An Outdated Concept

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DM is Dead

Block Soap Liquid Hand Soap

BlockSoap_3Liquid960Just introduced with help from GunnDesign, luxurious Block Soap Liquid Hand Soap. These artisan soaps are made with Olive and Coconut oils, and Shea Butter. Just thing the thing to keep sensitive skin healthy during the rough and dry winter. The initial launch includes three fragrances; Lavender, Bayberry and Honeysuckle. And of course, these soaps contain no artificial dyes and were never tested on any animals. Look for Block Soap Liquid Hand Soap appearing on store shelves everywhere.


Gorilla marketing snaps a few branches.

In a masterful stroke of marketing genius New Zealand’s Montieth’s Brewery inserted a small apple tree twig into its cider product cartons as they left the brewery.  The resulting backlash from some “concerned” consumers was turned on its head with some tongue in cheek advertising and PR.  Bottom line; sales went up 32%!

Not all PR is good PR unless it works in your favor.  Cheers mate!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2chTI14FQQ&w=480&h=360]


Brands Pinning It On Pinterest | Adweek

PinterestPinterest.  Social “scrapbooking,” just a way to save and organize all those nifty images you find surfing the web or inspirational idea board?  Pinterest could be the next “must do” online activity or could end up as the next MySpace.  Either way Pinterest is gaining pinners at an amazing rate.  It’s relatively simple interface and small feature set keep the experience on task.  As Pinterest grows marketers will discover new ways to connect with pinners.  How will you connect?

“Retailers were among the first to join the social scrapbooking site. But marketers will soon realize they’d better start pinning, too…”

Brands Pinning It On Pinterest | Adweek.