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A male snack category?  yes, and Ruffles wants a piece of it.  A large bite, if you will.

Is bigger, thicker and more flavorful ultimately the way to a man’s wallet?  To get traction for your energy drink, you call it Pussy. To sell beer, well… just think St. Pauli Girl here.  You get the picture.  So what does Frito-Lay know that they would avoid all that T&A to go with big and bold?  Bacon! Put it in or on anything and you have a winner! Guys love bacon.  Surely it will sell your product.

Ruffles Ultimate - a man sized snack

Ruffles Ultimate – a man sized snack

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Keep Calm and Carry On

The British propaganda effort during World War II created iconic and classic poster designs that were employed to keep up the spirits of its citizenry.  One of these posters was to be used in the event of an invasion of the isles.  Fortunately it never left the warehouses.  One was discovered in a second hand book shop several years ago and has since become an expression of all that is British.  As the War On Terrorism marches through its second decade, we wondered what an American version of this poster might look like.

Next up for Americanization, “Mind the gap!”

“Pussy” Energy Drink Product Review

Pussy?  Really?  OK, I had the same reaction.  Tasteless marketing or bold attempt to quickly capture market share?  You be the judge.  But beyond the initial shock value and a certain demographic, does Pussy have legs?

Pussy Energy Drink Can front“What’s inside the can is extremely well executed, with a sophisticated tasting lychee and grenadilla flavor that is clearly not a Red Bull wannabe.”  Read more…

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